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We help companies and organizations to digital transform their business, products and processes through consulting, strategy, design, software development and training using cutting edge technology.

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As a software development company specializing in the Microsoft platform, our team has the expertise and experience to develop high-quality software solutions tailored to your specific needs. With a focus on using the latest Microsoft technologies and best practices, we can deliver innovative and reliable software solutions that meet the demands of today's rapidly changing digital landscape.


Our services cover the entire spectrum from sensors's connectivity over visualization and reporting of systems conditions to integration of Cloud and edge services for AI and analytics.


We design, develop and manage your Cloud applications and assist you with migrating and re-platforming of your exisiting on-premise apps into the Microsoft Azure Cloud.


With Virtual and Augmented Reality and Microsoft HoloLens 2 as leading Mixed Reality devices we put immersive experiences in practice for R&D, production, sales, aftersales, services and training.


We create easy to use web apps using Angular, React and Progressive Web Apps, develop lean and secure middleware and integrate with your enterprise backends like Office 365, SAP, Salesforce and many others.


We design and develop cross-platform mobile apps for line-of-business and consumer facing apps on iOS and Android using Xamarin and Cordova. For performance intensive workloads on the desktop we use .NET, WPF and UWP.


Together to an excellent result

We work collaboratively, trustfully, and long-term with our clients to achieve sustainable results.
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Multiple awards as a reliable Microsoft partner

Philipp Bauknecht, Founder & CEO
“We partner with Microsoft to build solutions based on the world’s most trusted, compliant, efficient and secure set of cloud platforms, tools and productivity software. Our deep network with product groups and the leadership team provides unparalleled time and cost advantages for our clients.“
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We regularly publish interesting facts about cloud, software development & UX in our blog.
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5/15/23 – by Benjamin Abt
New things in .NET 8
Half a year to go until the release of .NET 8 — time to take a look at what we can expect.
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4/12/23 – by Anna Melashkina
In case I survive
I don’t really know why I’m writing thisI never felt as person, that could be interesting for anyone. I was never dreaming about being author or write any book. I don’t really believe, that anyone will even read this. Probably, this is doing to be my diary. Where I’ll write pain… a lot of pain. Not only my pain, but pain of people, that I met. And how they manage this pain.
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4/11/23 – by Jonas Hundertmark
Help, my Unity HTTP-Requests break on UWP!
Use Newtonsoft.Json for JSON serialization instead of System.Text.Json.
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